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Vacation Rental Property Insurance

Short-Term Lease Insurance

Have you considered renting out your home when you’re away on vacation? Perhaps you’ve considered becoming a provider through Airbnb or another crowd-sourced vacation lodging app. Your homeowners insurance, however, may not protect you and your home against the risks of short-term leases and overnight rentals. The experienced insurance agents at Comaltex Insurance can help.

Liability for Owners of Vacation Homes

Whether you rent your entire home to vacationers or host paying guests in a room or two, you could be held liable if one of your guests is injured during a stay. Worse, if paying guests damage your home, your homeowners insurance might not cover repairs. Before you decide to make some extra money by opening your home to paying guests, consider purchasing a short-term lease insurance policy.

Protection for Your Home Business

Vacation leases and overnight rentals for homes or rooms within a home are considered small businesses. That means your personal insurance isn’t likely to cover accidents or losses related to your short-term leases. With short-term lease insurance from Comaltex Insurance, you can protect yourself, your home and your business interests. We’ll work with you to help you determine the right amount of coverage as well as which insurance features suit your situation. We’ll even shop around for you to find policy options that accommodate things such as seasonal leasing because we understand that it doesn’t make sense to pay for coverage you don’t use.

Available short-term and overnight lease insurance includes features such as

  • Building and contents coverage against damage caused by guests
  • Coverage against theft and vandalism
  • Loss of income coverage in the event of certain disasters
  • Commercial liability in the event of injury to a guest
  • Commercial liability for amenities you provide to guests

Today’s business world is changing in many ways, and people like you are finding new, profitable ways to earn extra cash. Let Comaltex Insurance help you keep that money in your pocket with great insurance policies. Get your free online quote today or call us for details.