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Umbrella Insurance

from Comaltex Insurance

Texas Personal Umbrella Insurance

How do you prepare for unexpected disasters? Naturally, you need to have a family safety plan in case of a fire or other disaster at your home. You need to have savings to prepare for unexpected emergencies, and you must also have personal insurance policies for your home and car. But what if all this isn’t enough? Comaltex Insurance works with many discerning clients who have a vested interest in protecting a comfortable lifestyle. One of our best products for people like you is personal umbrella coverage.

Protection When It Pours

A little rain won’t hurt you, but when trouble pours like rain from the sky, you might need some extra protection. What would you do if you caused an accident that resulted in several hospitalizations or deaths? How would you pay for medical bills and potential lawsuits if your dog bit and seriously injured two or three children? Do you have high enough limits on your auto or homeowners insurance to cover these costs? If not, an umbrella policy could help.

Umbrella Insurance for Your Lifestyle

Umbrella insurance picks up where other insurance policies leave off. The policies we write begin with an additional $1 million in coverage, and we have higher limits available as well. Additionally, an umbrella policy often covers incidents commonly excluded by other personal insurance policies. These coverages vary from policy to policy, and your experienced Comaltex Insurance agent can explain available options to you in further detail.

You never know when a mishap is going to change your life. Although there’s no way to prevent disasters from coming your way, there are insurance options to help you minimize the effects of many disasters. Don’t wait until you meet with misfortune. Contact Comaltex Insurance today to learn more about personal umbrella insurance, or get your free online quote now.