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Landlord Insurance

from Comaltex Insurance

Texas Landlords Insurance

Do you own a rental home or two? Do you own or manage an apartment building? Perhaps you own a large property-management firm. In each of these cases, you need landlords insurance. Unlike homeowners insurance, this coverage protects you as a business owner taking money from renters. It can protect you in a number of ways both personally and professionally. Of course, you need help from an insurance agency you can trust, which is why Comaltex Insurance takes the time to get to know the property managers and landlords we serve. And as an independent agency, we work for you, not some big, national chain.

Insuring Your Rental Property

Traditional homeowners insurance won’t protect your rental property. Instead, you need a policy to cover just the building. Your renters will be held responsible for their belongings and for liability for guests in the rental home.

Insurance for rental property in Texas often falls under the category of dwelling fire coverage. Despite its name, this type of insurance protects against more than fire damage. It protects against a list of common disasters located in the “named perils” section of the insurance policy.

Landlords Liability Coverage

As a landlord or property manager, you face a number of liability risks. Even if you only own a single rental home, you need protection in case a tenant decides to bring charges against you. Landlords liability insurance from Comaltex Insurance protects you and your spouse against personal injury and damages due to

  • Wrongful entry suits
  • Wrongful eviction charges
  • Libel and slander suits
  • Other claims of non-bodily injury

Rental properties can be great investments. However, trusting the wrong people or neglecting to protect your rental business can result in the loss of time and money as well as visits to small claims court. Don’t risk it! Contact Comaltex Insurance today for more information and a free quote.