Fall Festival-O-Ween 2021

Get Well Wishes for local business owner

Get Well Wishes for local business owner

This year we'd like to do something different at our Fall Festival-O-Ween.  We'd like to try and make someone else's day a little brighter!

Mark Miranda, age 50, has been in the local Christus New Braunfels hospital since February 2021 battling COVID and pneumonia.  Mark, his wife Kim and his brother, Javier, own Miranda Painting, which is how we came to know this sweet, faithful family.  Mark's family, including sons Isaiah and James, have been by his side at every moment during his fight.  The boys stop by every day after school to catch up with their Dad and Kim seldom leaves his side. 

Mark continues to fight to get better, despite having coded multiple times.  He is not currently able to walk as he has lost muscle from being paralyzed and sedated for 5 weeks and being in bed for 8 months.  As you can imagine, this has been a terrible toll on their family, yet they remain faithful that God has a reason for this and strive to give Him all the glory.  Kim frequently reminds people to Worship instead of Worry and "To God Be All Glory". 

We would like to let Mark and his family know that our extended Comaltex Insurance family is thinking of him, praying for him and rallying behind him.  So, we are asking you to bring a Get Well Card for Mark to our Fall Festival-O-Ween event on Saturday, October 30.  If you cannot make the event, feel free to drop off your card at the office at any time and we will be sure Mark and his family receive it.  Nothing makes a person feel loved more than knowing someone is thinking of them!  

**Note:  Only get well cards - no donations - at this time.  Thank you!

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